MakeItGood is a cheat code that enables you to access several different editing modes.

There is another way to access the edit which is around launching Re-Volt in “-dev” mode (revolt.exe -dev). If you are using Re-Volt 1.2 (which you should be), this is the way to go.

To get into each of the editing modes select Start Race from the main menu. Then select Single Race, and any game mode. Now put in “MAKEITGOOD” as a name and hit enter. After doing this you should hear a honking sound as it moves on to the car selection screen. Press Esc three times and it should take you back to the Race Type menu. At the bottom you will see a new option, Edit Mode. Select what edit mode you want. Once you get into the level, just follow the tutorial below for whatever mode your editing.

A good order would be:

  • Track Zones
  • POS Nodes
  • Objects (This includes pick-ups. You might need to know where these are when creating AI nodes)
  • Triggers
Symbol Name Keyboard Tutorial Description
posnodes POS Nodes doc POS Nodes tell the Re-Volt engine about the race path, this includes distance your car is from the other cars in the race as well as the length of the track and what it takes to complete a lap on your track.Pos nodes will only define nodes, the orientation is given by Track zones.
ainodes AI Nodes keyb doc AI Nodes are what the ai (computer) cars use to properly negotiate the track. AI Nodes are mandatory in all tracks with the exception of battle levels and stunt tracks.
taz Track Zones keyb Track Zones tell the Re-Volt engine what order the cars need to take around your track to make a complete lap. They work in conjunction with Pos Nodes & AI Nodes.Together with pos nodes, they’ll determinate your position inside race path.
default Triggers Triggers allow you to put direction arrows and other things into your track. This will help people in negotiating you track. It’s also used for the piano in Toy World and for cameras.
default Camera Nodes Camera Nodes tell the Re-Volt engine where to place the cameras for replays, and what direction (order) they should travel.See TVTIME.
default Visiboxes Visiboxes will block out certain sections of your track while they are not in view, increasing the FPS (Frames Per Second) on your track, making the track a smoother racing experience
objects Objects doc Objects are models that Acclaim put into the engine to add substance to their tracks. With this mode you can add a variety of different items to your track. Objects differ from instances in that they are generally animated.
This page has lots of images so expect slow loading times.
instance Instances Instances are models that you (or other people) have created that you can insert into your track to enhance your overall theme. A track made of nothing but instances is the most extreme track you can make. Acclaim’s tracks that came with the game are a good example of these. Many people have tried and there are quite a few who have succeeded in making a good all-instance track. But we would suggest you start by making track editor tracks to get a feel for extreme editing before you take on such a big task.
lights Lights Adding lights can help create a different mood for your track as well as the objects (such as cars) inside, adding to the overall theme.
default Farce Fields keyb doc Farce Fields push and pull by applying different forces to cars around the track depending on how you set your fields up. You can use these in a variety of ways to enhance the theme of your track.
default Portals (Erm, nothing to see here) Acclaim probably planed on making these to act like teleporters but the code in the engine seems to be either deleted or never developed in first place.
Ali’s mkmirror program uses portals edit mode for creating mirroring effects.

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