Toys in the Hood

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, all right-beautiful for RC racing! No lawn is immune from wily racers, no pavement likely to remain unmarred by the skid marks of frantic racers enjoying a wonderful day in suburbia! Of course, humans leave all kinds of objects and obstacles around, so be prepared for quick moves and strange goings on!  Toys in the Hood 1  nhood2
Toys in the Hood 1 Toys in the Hood 2


The excitement continues as night falls on suburbia. A supermarket is a dandy spot to hold a race! Miles of aisles and plenty of natural obstacles like bottles, crates, automatic doors, shopping carts-even the produce section provides plenty of Vitamin R to build strong racing skills 12 ways! Even if you hate shopping, you’ll love racing through this market! market1 market2
SuperMarket 1 SuperMarket 2


Sure, museums can be a great big yawn, but boy those marble floors would be perfect to race on, right? That’s what the escaped Re-Volt cars say! And they’re ready to rip-roar through the night and shake the must and dust of yesteryear, including mighty dinosaurs, Egyptian artifacts-even stuff from outer space! There are plenty of hazards about for a RC car, too. Escalators and janitor’s buckets are just two of the dangers…  Muse1  Muse2
Museum 1 Museum 2

Botanical Garden

Ah, the scent of lilies, roses and lightweight motor oil! A more beautiful setting for the Fleur de Lis Grand Prix can hardly be imagined. The Calla lilies are in bloom, and so is bumping, bouncing racing action as the pebbles and petals fly garden1
Botanical Garden

 Toy World

At night, the toys take over Toy World in a lightning-fast race. You’ll be driving into beach balls, keyboards, and blocks -all over the store! You’ll find fun and an amazing array of distractions, so keep your eyes open and your fingers ready for anything!  ToyLite  toy2
Toy World 1
Toy World 2

Ghost Town

The road to dusty doom is right this way, pard! When the tumbleweeds are a-tumblin’ best be ready for some ranch-style racing that’ll curl your whiskers as you rev into 4WD action that’s more fun than a goldstrike! Watch out for varmints and natural wonders that can cause you a peck o’ trouble and you just might come out a winner!  Wild_west1  Wild_west2
Ghost Town 1
 Ghost Town 2


ship1 ship2
Toytanic 1
Toytanic 2



Battle Tags

 Battle Tags

 Stunt Arena

 Stunt Arena

Descriptions have been taken from the original website

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