RVGL on the Pandora

The combined effort of ptitSeb and Huki has brought us a port of our beloved game to the Open Pandora handheld. It is based on a recent version of RVGL and it works just like any other version of the game.

There have been four builds so far. Bugs have been fixed and the game is reported to play quite well.
You’ll be able to take all your custom tracks and cars with you, mod the game and perhaps even play online soon. There also are intentions to port the game to the upcoming Pyra handheld, the successor of the Pandora.
This makes the Pandora the smallest handheld that is home to a proper version of Re-Volt.

Re-Volt is also available on iOS and Android. Those versions were also planned to have support for custom tracks and cars but that idea has obviously been scrapped (making those versions very pointless). Take that, WeGo. We don’t need you. The essence of Re-Volt is community and user content. The port for the Pandora shows just that. Huge thanks to ptitSeb and Huki for their effort! Now I really want to get a Pandora…

Forum thread on pyra-handheld.com: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/rvgl-re-volt-remake.77027/

Article on PandoraLive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=5485

Pandora Repo: https://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=rvgl_ptitseb

Re-Volt Zone Tracks offline, being updated!

Hello Re-Volters!

It’s been quite a time since RVZT recieved its last updated (was there any at all?). Zach has been planning to update the site for a very long time now. Finally, RVZT is becoming Re-Volt Zone. It should be online very soon. It will be right here: http://revoltzone.net/ (Thanks kay, totally forgot to post the link)
I’m being a bit audacious now: Here’s what Zipper posted on RVL.

Hopefully within the next month, the new RVZT ( named RVZ ) will be launched.
There are many new added features, here’s a quick list of the new things to expect:

RVZ allows authors to send in update zips
No longer must you direct your gfx image when uploading, it auto detects .jpg files and uses that
Better searching functions
Better uploading GUI
Social Media Integration ( if wanted )
Now authors can type a description on the download page
More fluid site dynamics
Different rating system: now goes by stars instead of numbers, and one single grade instead of multiple aspects
Mobile Site
A few other things, but that’s the primary things occurring. I can not share the link yet, and if you have it we’d prefer you don’t pass it around at the moment.
Zach and I are really excited to bring you the new site.


A huge thanks to Mike!

If there’s any need for a special track, look it up on Re-Volt XTG or leave a comment. I have them all.

Tracks with 1.2 Support

Hey there!

I recently started converting tracks to support Re-Volt 1.2. I convert the bitmaps to 32bit and add an alpha channel and repack custom files to the /custom/ folder (if there are any). I recommend checking the following link periodically as there are many more to come.


Among those (might not be all of them):

  • Jailhouse Rock by Human (jailhouse12.zip)
  • Sakura by Human (sakura12.zip)
  • Venice by Gabor (venice12.zip)
  • Rooftops (stock track, roof12.zip)
  • Re-Ville by Spaceman (re-ville12.zip)

The Re-Volt 1999 Scrapbook Deluxe

This is a backup of the original post.

I’ve been doing some archaeological digs and found some interesting stuff. This is a little gallery page for the design odds and sods that were knocked up during the production phase of Re-Volt circa 1997 -1999, stuff that’s been haunting my dusty hard drives – they might bring some light amusement and maybe some insight to the original design choices, and the ideas that were bouncing around the team at the time. Hopefully some of the other guys have got some stuff, and they can add to the pile. Enjoy some Re-Volt history, – Thank you to the whole RV community for not turning the life-support machine off 🙂

Paul Phippen


Texture Animation (the YUI project) by Kallel A.Y

Hi all
Today, I’m going to represent a new tool , the texYUI (Texture Animation, Yet another User Interface).

It’s built in using a parallel engine to nVolt (I’ll call it YUI for now…). Open Source Re-Volt implementation for .NET languages and built on top of Irrlicht.NET (later Mogre or OpenGL). The new engine will be also used in a program based on Car::Load (named Re-Volt Car studio. See the offtopic post below which is partially planned to be released within a month).

The Texture animation editor will be based on frames (and of course, frames animations) with final preview before exporting (for now it’ll be nVolt… may change that later on the ink and paper plans). The tool is estimated to be released next week (and final version the next one). Fully dedicated to Dave-o-rama and KiWi.

Just to note, about the YUI engine: It’s possible to build it further to become a new makeitgood but I guess it’s futile… perhaps advanced ai editor or mirror editor may be proposed but for now, let’s just keep one project alive… if you’ve got a better idea I can develop it if it’s needed.


The final version before halting:
Finished documentation + 2 tutorials