[News] Local Tournament Upcoming

As you may have noticed, there is a new page called Tournaments. On that page you will find information about the next tournaments (in the city that I live in) as well as some general ideas and rules for Re-Volt LAN parties.
I hope you’ll be able to try them out one day (we used to have a lot of fun back then!). If you have more ideas for LAN parties, be sure to leave a comment on the Tournaments page.

[News] That new header…

I’m sorry for posting so much irrelevant stuff lately. There just aren’t so many interesting things happening.

So, I finally went with the new header image that I designed some months ago. The old one was way too bland and basic. I think it’s been around since 2012? Not sure if this is permanent, though. There is a topic up on RVL that you can check out and I encourage you to post there. I am still looking for the perfect header image.

However, the new one is inspired by the Acclaim logo. It also features an actual element of the game, namely the “RV icon that WeGo so politely borrowed” [Quote, hope that’s okay]. All in all, I like the concept. The font is debatable at best. But again, please leave your feedback either here or on RVL: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/index.php?showtopic=4085

Not that a header is that important… It’s just that I’d like to do some more things with the website. We’re heading towards 2016 and thus far we haven’t had more visitors than last year. There is an insane amount of content that is sleeping on my HDDs that needs to be cleaned up and posted here. Those things are mostly related to the tutorials, Re-Volt’s history and more fancy things from the past. I would also like to take over many parts of the Re-Volt wiki to RVF, the main reason being the eternal chaos that is the wiki. However, some parts did turn out to be pretty useful.
Keep on Re-Volting.


[PODCAST] The first Episode sees the Light of Day

The Re-Volt Podcast

Some of you might have heard about our plans to make a podcast for the community (other shall be surprised now). Now, after several failures in terms of editing, it is finally there.

Today marks the day of the release of the first Re-Volt podcast.

This time we talk about WeGo, the company that acquired the rights to our beloved game and explain why our relationship to them suffers.

We recently experience a big amount of WIPs and new releases in terms of custom content. We also discuss the rather bright future that brings RVGL, the next step after the 1.2 patch.

This is for you guys.

Topics (and links we talked about) are:



[NEWS] The Future of the Community and RVF

For some time now I’ve been wanting to make some tutorials about track and car making. It’s been rather hard to get into the matter, I have to admit. Having learned how to create content for the game from community members, rather than tutorials, I know that something has to change.

It all started with Ali who programmed tools that made it possible to export content to the Re-Volt format. Users had to use a 3D modeling software that exports to ASE, which is a simple format for 3D objects, to then convert it to Re-Volt’s .w, .prm or .ncp. The situation has changed over the years. More and more tools have been released to make everything easier. The breakthrough, however, is Jigebren’s Blender plugin. This plugin allows you to create nearly everything of a track or a car in Blender itself. Mirrors, surface types, shadows have never been that simple.

The problem is that Blender has a very steep learning curve. Coming from 3DS Max, there weren’t many problems for me. I learned by trial and error and developed my own workflow. Whether or not it’s perfect, it works for Re-Volt. My goal is to make video tutorials to get makers closer to Blender and its workflow combined with Re-Volt. Looking at the most recent tracks (sidebar to the right), there are only a few promising ones. Now imagine that every track would be good in playability, flow and visuals. A look at Steam Workshops also shows that other games have much more available tools in order to create content.

Now, the Blender plugin is currently for closed testing only. You will have to send Jig a PM. If that doesn’t work out, I’m sure there are other ways to obtain it, although it wouldn’t be as nice. That is the main thing that’s holding me off right now. There are just no public tools.

Why am I thinking about this right now? I think that we have hit a critical point, especially with WeGo further contributing to the decay of the community. Yes, there are more people joining the forums, more people talking about the game – but those are the ones who fall for WeGo’s pay-trap. Those don’t add anything to the community. That might sound harsh indeed. In their defense, they probably don’t know any better because Re-Volt 2 is probably the first part of the game they’ve seen. I don’t want to imply that those people joining are bad guys. What I want to say is that we have to defend the game, or rather the impression people get from it. Re-Volt is no crappy F2P title that you have to empty your wallet for. It is a community-driven game with custom content and respectful competition.

One part on the way to achieve the just said is the series of tutorials that I announced. There are many other ways apart from that. First of all we need a place that represents the game at a glance (that’s what I set Re-Volt Frontend up for). The website is, however, lackluster for the most part. I would not consider it accessible. Thus, I have been working on the site as well as on the Youtube channel. Regarding the Youtube channel, I think that some kind of news digest would be nice. Giving the channel a face or at least a voice is a necessity, I think. If anyone would like to join me on that part, I’m glad to work with someone. There are many more topics to cover as well. Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll manage to set something up. Help is always appreciated.

Hope everything is going well!

[Tool] RV Car Studio #2620

Kallel has been working on a successor to the useful Car::Load and recently released a new alpha version (thanks a lot!).

It’s now running in OpenGL and features nearly all Car::Load functions, the workflow however is a bit different.

It can be used to edit a car’s parameter file without having to run the game and reload every time you make changes. It really speeds up the process of making cars.

He uploaded a video of it in action here:

Download it here: https://app.box.com/s/434es1xttxqseaxb1rbr

Rest to know, even if I call this version stable, it’s just a stable preAlpha, so please don’t expect much from it. I’m seriously doing my best but I could barely manage saving time for working on it!

Don’t forget to check out Kallel’s blog where he posts updates about his project among other interesting stuff.

(original post, blog)

I don’t speak Korean. I’m glad to have Google’s Translator.

Today, this post (by Roy Park, CEO at WeGoI) appeared on my timeline:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 17.16.09

Looks like Re-Volt 2 (wasn’t it Re-Volt: Challenge?) is coming. So, what does it say? Since Google has problems with the koreanesish language as well, here’s a rather contextual translation:


You arrived at the top of the racing league. Want a challenge? Best Racers.

The comments don’t seem to be related to the game.  It’s about enjoying holiday and thanksgiving. Meh.

Anyway, what about the link? It refers to http://wego10.cafe24.com/re-volt/ which is a rather plain html site with links to the free Re-Volt versions. Again: Meh. It also takes a bunch of time to load, so here’s just an uncompleted render of it:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 17.25.06

Re-Volt Remake: Everything We Know

It’s been announced a while ago: WeGo is planning to release their Re-Volt remake pretty soon. What exactly do we know about it?

Even before they released the mobile versions, WeGo announced the development of a Re-Volt for former next-gen consoles (PS3, XBLA):

Roy Park (CEO WeGo Interactive) on RVL Forums:

Hello everyone.
Mobile version is just first comming version.
After release mobile, we will start PC online(multi play), and other platforms.
That could be XBOX or PSN.
We Go has various plan for Re-Volt.

Everyone was sceptical about WeGo’s plans but as you may confirm, they did everything they promised so far. It’s been rather quiet after them showing up in our forum.

Early 2013 (January), they posted some mysterious pictures of a kind of tropic version of “Toys in the Hood”. I commented on one of their photos wishing luck for recreating Re-Volt in Unity. They liked the comment. I was pretty sure that they were working on it as they posted the two following photos:


As you can see, it’s obviously the Unity GUI. I was pretty right when Daesung Oh posted a bigger picture of the level in the Re-Volt Live Facebook group.

Yeah,I re-create the I WEGO from working

I guess he means that he is currently recreating Re-Volt from scratch. He also confirmed that he is developing with Unity on another Facebook post of mine:

Unity version. ^ ^

Here is the picture i mentioned above (click to enlarge):


It would take more than half a year for them to mention the remake again.

On August 8th 2013, “Re-Volt: Challenge” has been officially announced (as Re-Volt “Plus”, being changed to “Challenge” two days later).
What can we expect? Judging by the pictures we have, a rather clean and colorful game. I can’t really tell if the second one is a rendering. The first lonk is one for sure. Gameplay-wise it’ll be the same as our old ’99 friend. However, there will (most certainly) be no support for custom content (I’m going to eat my hat if there is). However, WeGo showed interest in adding some high-quality custom tracks to the mobile version. The same might apply to Re-Volt:Challenge.

I’ll just throw a list of things at you.

  • 554938_10200666349277651_600122410_nVarious car skins to choose from, some modeled from scratch (I just noticed they really are the models we know from ’99)
  • New cars are to be added later
  • Unity engine (-> multi-platform: PS3, XBLA, Desktop, Mobile?)
  • Multiplayer
  • No custom content(?)
  • Confirmed tracks:
    • Ghost Town (remodeled)
    • Toys in the Hood (retextured, carribean)
    • Supermarket
    • (probably all the old tracks spiced up a bit.)

That’s all we know. None of the provided pictures are in-game. Developer Daesung Oh stated they’re all concept art. It might indicate that the development has not progressed that far yet, though I can not assure that.

Update: Ripax77 noticed striking similarities with cs_italy:

rvpvscss2 1268561_10200795204898961_236561757_o

You can surely tell that this is cs_italy.

So what about this one being Cliffside by R6?


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