RVGL on the Pandora

The combined effort of ptitSeb and Huki has brought us a port of our beloved game to the Open Pandora handheld. It is based on a recent version of RVGL and it works just like any other version of the game.

There have been four builds so far. Bugs have been fixed and the game is reported to play quite well.
You’ll be able to take all your custom tracks and cars with you, mod the game and perhaps even play online soon. There also are intentions to port the game to the upcoming Pyra handheld, the successor of the Pandora.
This makes the Pandora the smallest handheld that is home to a proper version of Re-Volt.

Re-Volt is also available on iOS and Android. Those versions were also planned to have support for custom tracks and cars but that idea has obviously been scrapped (making those versions very pointless). Take that, WeGo. We don’t need you. The essence of Re-Volt is community and user content. The port for the Pandora shows just that. Huge thanks to ptitSeb and Huki for their effort! Now I really want to get a Pandora…

Forum thread on pyra-handheld.com: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/rvgl-re-volt-remake.77027/

Article on PandoraLive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=5485

Pandora Repo: https://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=rvgl_ptitseb

Re-Volt Mac Port, WeGo and the Future of Re-Volt

As WeGo is now the owner of the rights for Re-Volt (and RC de Go, RC Revenge as well), I removed the game itself from the Mac port. You can still download the Wrapper (the app to install Re-Volt on your Mac) but you have to get the game files yourself (either an original CD or some file backups, Google is your friend).

I know that you just can not find Re-Volt’s PC version on eBay anymore. If you download an illegal copy (which you can’t prevent in some cases), be sure to buy Re-Volt Classic from the App Store for iOS as long as you own an iDevice. WeGo has plans to release Re-Volt on some more platforms in the future. Support them as soon as you can, they are doing a great job. I also heard that they might be releasing an Android version in the very near future.

They are also working on a remake of Re-Volt (check previous post) which might be released on iOS and Android as well (as Re-Volt on iOS has the ‘Classic’-suffix). Further platforms might be Windows, Mac, PS3 and XBOX 360.

Check WeGo’s or BigBit’s Facebook page (‘Official’-tab in the navbar of the site) to see what’s going on.

Some goodie: