RVGL on the Pandora

The combined effort of ptitSeb and Huki has brought us a port of our beloved game to the Open Pandora handheld. It is based on a recent version of RVGL and it works just like any other version of the game.

There have been four builds so far. Bugs have been fixed and the game is reported to play quite well.
You’ll be able to take all your custom tracks and cars with you, mod the game and perhaps even play online soon. There also are intentions to port the game to the upcoming Pyra handheld, the successor of the Pandora.
This makes the Pandora the smallest handheld that is home to a proper version of Re-Volt.

Re-Volt is also available on iOS and Android. Those versions were also planned to have support for custom tracks and cars but that idea has obviously been scrapped (making those versions very pointless). Take that, WeGo. We don’t need you. The essence of Re-Volt is community and user content. The port for the Pandora shows just that. Huge thanks to ptitSeb and Huki for their effort! Now I really want to get a Pandora…

Forum thread on pyra-handheld.com: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/rvgl-re-volt-remake.77027/

Article on PandoraLive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=5485

Pandora Repo: https://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=rvgl_ptitseb

[Car] Red Blinger – Micro Machines


Name : Red Blinger
Creator : Marv
Parameters : Skarma

Type : Conversion from MMV4
Class : Glow
Rating : Pro
Top speed : ~42 mph

-compatible to older Re-Volt Versions
-Ambient occlusion

Message me if you manage to repaint it properly. I’ll make something up for you.

[Track] Backyard

Author: Marv

A track from Sierra’s 3D Ultra RC Racers,
modeled from scratch with Blender and Jig’s wonderful plugin
Textures mainly ripped from screenshots, some are customly made

– made for Re-Volt 1.2
– compatible with earlier versions
– custom sounds and soundtrack from the original game
– custom pick-ups inspired from the original game
– animated plants

Thanks to Thomas, ZR, Skarma, Pong Pearson and Kay

2013-06-11 rev1

WIP screenshots

Tracks with 1.2 Support

Hey there!

I recently started converting tracks to support Re-Volt 1.2. I convert the bitmaps to 32bit and add an alpha channel and repack custom files to the /custom/ folder (if there are any). I recommend checking the following link periodically as there are many more to come.


Among those (might not be all of them):

  • Jailhouse Rock by Human (jailhouse12.zip)
  • Sakura by Human (sakura12.zip)
  • Venice by Gabor (venice12.zip)
  • Rooftops (stock track, roof12.zip)
  • Re-Ville by Spaceman (re-ville12.zip)