Re-Volt Frontend is Kay, Marv, Thomas, Toby, Vaid and Victor

Our aim is to create a website that replaces, the game’s website that has been offline for some time now. Thus we provide additional content and tutorials for creating content for the game. Archiving all information has been tried before with the Re-Volt wiki on wikia. In our eyes, it is not the optimal solution since many people added faulty information or content of poor quality. This is our go on making everything that is related to Acclaim’s racing game accessible.

Re-Volt Frontend started out as a site to host the Macintosh port of the game, along with a forum that focused on the German part of the community. Believe it or not, there were some people who didn’t speak English sufficiently enough to join any of the other communities. It went well for a while up until the point where I messed around with the forum settings and eventually lost it. Now I think that segregation in communities is a problem, the best example being ARV. Cool guys over there, but there is no communication between the English and Italian side of the community.

If you are looking for information about ‘Re-Volt 2’ here on our site, you are out of luck. WeGo acquiring the IP is probably the worst thing that could have happened to the game. Anything done by them should not be seen in the context with the original game. It is part of the games history, however, this chapter is a rather dark one. We strongly discourage you from supporting this company.


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