[Article] The War on Re-Volt

I just received a brilliant pingback from

My favorite passages:

At this point, the Re-Volt community should have launched a petition demanding WeGo to give their IP’s to the community. I personally would like to the Re-Volt community do that. 


Damn, WeGo’s got some crazy motherfuckers on the staff.

Thanks to FMecha and James. It’s well worth reading it.

I didn’t even think about making a petition. Demanding that they transfer the IP to us might not work at all. There are way too many stupid people who enjoy (how?) the turd that WeGo produced. They are probably making money with it. The only reason to give the IP to us would be the bad publicity that we produce (we already kicked them off GOG for their audacity).
Now, this story has been published on Kotaku (yes, there is an article!) and the aforementioned blog. I also talked to some of the original dev team and they’re all outraged.
As of now, they don’t even seem to care about ‘Re-volt 2’ anymore. Their Facebook page has been quiet for quite a while now and support from their side doesn’t look good (at least they hired someone who speaks English but that doesn’t help).

See, any publisher or dev studio that cares about the franchise would be all over supporting the game, improving upon it and, most importantly, support the community. WeGo does not give a dime about what the game means and how it actually was designed. They transformed the whole thing to appear to the dumb mainstream mobile market, leaving nothing of the original shine of the name Re-Volt. This game has a character, a story, a community, all of which they completely ignore and disrespect (remember when they told us to remove the Re-Volt Live logo? Remember when they just use(d) assets from the community without even asking?) .

WeGo, if you’re reading this: You fucked up. We probably won’t ever take you seriously again and most of us probably don’t want to collaborate anymore. That is your fault for the many reasons mentioned above. If you want to fix things, take Re-Volt 2 down and develop a proper sequel to the game (or at least order someone with taste and understanding for game design to do it, since you’re not even capable of making a patch for the version you had on GOG.) As a bonus, here is a list of all the things you have done wrong.
First I was excited to see the game on GOG, seriously. It just sucks that you audaciously stole the patch. Thus, start respecting the community, fund the development of 1.2 and RVGL, let us do whatever we want with the game. Wouldn’t it be a solution to fund huki and jigebren? The game could then be sold while the patch would still be free to download for people who already own the game. You just need to cooperate. Otherwise the community will hate you forever.

This game means a lot to us. Should we revolt against WeGo before worse things happen? Should we not do anything and just hope for the best? Should we beg Throwback Entertainment to buy the IP back (Throwback seems to be doing well at the moment, so…)?


Things WeGo Stole

Here’s a list of all their fuckups: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jIk1L4WcYcM8AFjqgK6YD2A9Wcwd9HBTIlceh4Uajk4/edit?usp=sharing

I found that one post that disappeared! Once again went through the things I saved to my HDD… They might have the rights to do some of these things, but still… Not so nice. I once published this post as ‘Things WeGo stole”. Not sure why it disappeared. Here goes.

The RVF Re-Volt bolt

Toby's Volt Logo

It even made its way int to Ripoff-Volt 2
It even made its way int to Ripoff-Volt 2 (why the hell is it mirrored?)
They are also using it as the favicon on their website (note that it still has a white background).

My picture: They uploaded this on my birthday after they told me to shut down the Mac port that I maintained at that point. Thanks.

My picture: They uploaded this on my birthday after they shut down the Mac port that I maintained.

The ‘RC Stories’ AMW model. Wego refused to take it down when the developer contacted them.

Pirog's AMW model. Wego refused to take it down when he contacted them.

Here’s the original: http://www.moddb.com/mods/re-volt-rc-stories/images/amw-final-texture#imagebox

Monster Energy Logo and Cliffside1014212_10200694978393361_2042175950_n

Look at the sides of the black car. There also seems to be the OSX logo on the hood of the car. Recognize the track? That’s R6’s Cliffside:
R6 stated in his readme file that any use of the track has to be credited. No credit was given.

This obviously is the map cs_italy from Counter Strike.


This as well as the screenshot above were concept renderings for a potential remake by WeGo that never saw the light of day.

They used the Re-volt 1.2 beta patch on a release on GOG. Well, GOG was cooperative.

They used the Re-volt 1.2 beta patch on a release on GOG. Well, GOG was cooperative.

You know how this one ended. Why did they not use the alpha? Nobody knows.

Here’s a bonus:


Link to this video
How can you buy the IP of a game and not know how to install custom tracks?

No news.

It’s sad to see this place that empty. There have been better times, no question. One good thing is that Re-Volt did not reappear on GOG. Many people are for some reason still waiting for a purchasable version on GOG that is not stolen. I don’t really understand all the complaints since it does not prevent you from playing the game, does it? Stop complaining and join the people on RvHouse for some races.

I hope that I’ll be able to grasp some time to finally finish the track projects I’ve been working on. Want to help? Anyone?

Well, I have nothing more to say. Have yourself a nice milkfix:


Do not buy Re-Volt on GOG

Re-Volt has been on GOG for a while.
As you know, WeGoInteractive owns the IP rights for Re-Volt.

However, the build offered on GOG (Re-Volt 1.2 from rv12.revoltzone.net) was done by Huki and Jigebren. It has been completely re-engineered, thus the code is entirely made by the community and not Probe, therefore they do not own the rights to use it.
They did not give permission to WeGoI to use the patch in any commercial way. They stole it without crediting them in any way which might be the reason for them not having released an update in a while. Even if there was a legal way for them doing this, it really is an audacious move.

There has been a severe lack of communication between WeGoI and the community due to a lack of comprehension, they don’t answer to any questions and the like. We’ve now contacted GOG and are awaiting their response.

Stay tuned and do not buy Re-Volt on GOG. Don’t support those (WeGo) thieves.

“Re-Volt 2” released. Hint: This is not a successor to the original game.

Warning: Do not buy this game (or do not purchase anything in-game)! It wants your money! It is also very bad.

Re-Volt 2 has been on the Google Play store for a few days now. I don’t think anyone expected this to happen this early. My expectations regarding WeGo have been lowered since the cs_italy thing. However, their promo picture looks promising:


But the game itself? Meh. Weird textures, a pink BigVolt, additional game modes (yay?) which have been stolen inspired by Mario Kart. In other words: They slightly altered the games’ code to make it really cheap and crappy.

I can’t say much, though, since I passed my Android phone to my dad. I might pirate try it some time if I’ll ever be bored enough. If you tried it, feel free to comment and tell me it’s not as bad as it appears to be.
Still I see that the battery thing is going on. So you’ll have to pay when your playing time runs out. (Reminds of Candy Crush, right?)
Hey, a lottery wheel thingy! That’s what a racing game always missed!


It’s as unprofessional as it gets. “Re-Volt 2: Best 3D RC Racing Game” as it appears in the Google Play store. A: It’s a lie! B: You don’t title your game “the best 3D ultra mega RC super game”. You just don’t.
You see those guys posting things like “We got the jackpot” on Facebook. No words.

I don’t like where Re-Volt is going. Re-Volt is about community and online races. They should have chosen another game to get “the jackpot”.

Captain’s log supplemental:

I just tried the game and got the permanent feel of disgust. The game is based on coins. With those coins (or with the diamonds? Doesn’t matter. It takes real money.), you can buy all kind of shit like power-ups, more time to play, … All those things that are ESSENTIAL TO BE FREE IN A GAME.
You start off with like 8 minutes of time. And after that? I don’t know. I just couldn’t bear it anymore. The game only has three tracks anyway. Toys in the Hood, Market and Toy World.
The game modes are highly unoriginal and uncreative. It’s only about collecting things. It appears so they disabled the AI. Just don’t buy the game (or is it free? I pirated it since it is not available in main parts of the world.)

Spread the word and tell everyone how crappy this game is. I will not post a link here for that reason.

If you wanna play Re-Volt, pirate it. Do not buy it on the appstore, do not buy it on Good old Games. Do not support WeGo and help us to end this.

I don’t speak Korean. I’m glad to have Google’s Translator.

Today, this post (by Roy Park, CEO at WeGoI) appeared on my timeline:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 17.16.09

Looks like Re-Volt 2 (wasn’t it Re-Volt: Challenge?) is coming. So, what does it say? Since Google has problems with the koreanesish language as well, here’s a rather contextual translation:


You arrived at the top of the racing league. Want a challenge? Best Racers.

The comments don’t seem to be related to the game.  It’s about enjoying holiday and thanksgiving. Meh.

Anyway, what about the link? It refers to http://wego10.cafe24.com/re-volt/ which is a rather plain html site with links to the free Re-Volt versions. Again: Meh. It also takes a bunch of time to load, so here’s just an uncompleted render of it:

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 17.25.06

Re-Volt Remake: Everything We Know

It’s been announced a while ago: WeGo is planning to release their Re-Volt remake pretty soon. What exactly do we know about it?

Even before they released the mobile versions, WeGo announced the development of a Re-Volt for former next-gen consoles (PS3, XBLA):

Roy Park (CEO WeGo Interactive) on RVL Forums:

Hello everyone.
Mobile version is just first comming version.
After release mobile, we will start PC online(multi play), and other platforms.
That could be XBOX or PSN.
We Go has various plan for Re-Volt.

Everyone was sceptical about WeGo’s plans but as you may confirm, they did everything they promised so far. It’s been rather quiet after them showing up in our forum.

Early 2013 (January), they posted some mysterious pictures of a kind of tropic version of “Toys in the Hood”. I commented on one of their photos wishing luck for recreating Re-Volt in Unity. They liked the comment. I was pretty sure that they were working on it as they posted the two following photos:


As you can see, it’s obviously the Unity GUI. I was pretty right when Daesung Oh posted a bigger picture of the level in the Re-Volt Live Facebook group.

Yeah,I re-create the I WEGO from working

I guess he means that he is currently recreating Re-Volt from scratch. He also confirmed that he is developing with Unity on another Facebook post of mine:

Unity version. ^ ^

Here is the picture i mentioned above (click to enlarge):


It would take more than half a year for them to mention the remake again.

On August 8th 2013, “Re-Volt: Challenge” has been officially announced (as Re-Volt “Plus”, being changed to “Challenge” two days later).
What can we expect? Judging by the pictures we have, a rather clean and colorful game. I can’t really tell if the second one is a rendering. The first lonk is one for sure. Gameplay-wise it’ll be the same as our old ’99 friend. However, there will (most certainly) be no support for custom content (I’m going to eat my hat if there is). However, WeGo showed interest in adding some high-quality custom tracks to the mobile version. The same might apply to Re-Volt:Challenge.

I’ll just throw a list of things at you.

  • 554938_10200666349277651_600122410_nVarious car skins to choose from, some modeled from scratch (I just noticed they really are the models we know from ’99)
  • New cars are to be added later
  • Unity engine (-> multi-platform: PS3, XBLA, Desktop, Mobile?)
  • Multiplayer
  • No custom content(?)
  • Confirmed tracks:
    • Ghost Town (remodeled)
    • Toys in the Hood (retextured, carribean)
    • Supermarket
    • (probably all the old tracks spiced up a bit.)

That’s all we know. None of the provided pictures are in-game. Developer Daesung Oh stated they’re all concept art. It might indicate that the development has not progressed that far yet, though I can not assure that.

Update: Ripax77 noticed striking similarities with cs_italy:

rvpvscss2 1268561_10200795204898961_236561757_o

You can surely tell that this is cs_italy.

So what about this one being Cliffside by R6?


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