Another year upon us

I don’t want to say much about how fast years pass so I’m bypassing that convention by making a poll. How do you rate 2013 in terms of custom content and community activity (or things that happened to Re-Volt in general)? Feel free to leave a comment and explain your vote. What track did you like most? Do you think the community grew? Are you still reading this?

Let’s keep the community active. Start up RV House or IRC and chat for a bit. It has been a bit silent around here (and I can very well understand being busy with real life stuff), however, this community has always been a place to distract from the repeating everyday duties and think about other things for me. Take it easy this time. This year I realized some things are not worth the effort. Having friends and doing stuff with them helps you way more in life.

Some things from 2013 to take a look at:

Articles from 2013

The new Re-Volt Zone

The Re-Volt 1.2 alpha from August

Poll: Which Re-Volt Version do you use?