[Track] Industry

Track: Industry



Author: Marv
AI, Visiboxes and more: R6
Tools: Blender (with Jig’s plugin), Photoshop, Gimp, Audacity, prm2hul by Jigebren
Music: Parabiosys by Nybraz
Additional: Plants and crates by Nobiax, Some textures from CG Textures

You need a recent Re-Volt 1.2 ALPHA from http://rv12.revoltzone.net to play this track.

There were many tracks that I started but never finished. Let them rest in piece.
Here is finally one that I planned and made real.
Regarding custom tracks for Re-Volt, I learned most from Kay and R6. Thanks a ton for helping me!

I had many more plans but I decided to release the track as it is right now. I can’t keep it any longer.
Some bugs here and there,
but I think you will have some nice races on it.

RVL Thread

initial release
2015-03-26, 27, 30
fixed mesh, relocated textures, removed some unnecessary files, fixed ncp and w

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[Track] Backyard

Author: Marv

A track from Sierra’s 3D Ultra RC Racers,
modeled from scratch with Blender and Jig’s wonderful plugin
Textures mainly ripped from screenshots, some are customly made

– made for Re-Volt 1.2
– compatible with earlier versions
– custom sounds and soundtrack from the original game
– custom pick-ups inspired from the original game
– animated plants

Thanks to Thomas, ZR, Skarma, Pong Pearson and Kay

2013-06-11 rev1

WIP screenshots

Tracks with 1.2 Support

Hey there!

I recently started converting tracks to support Re-Volt 1.2. I convert the bitmaps to 32bit and add an alpha channel and repack custom files to the /custom/ folder (if there are any). I recommend checking the following link periodically as there are many more to come.


Among those (might not be all of them):

  • Jailhouse Rock by Human (jailhouse12.zip)
  • Sakura by Human (sakura12.zip)
  • Venice by Gabor (venice12.zip)
  • Rooftops (stock track, roof12.zip)
  • Re-Ville by Spaceman (re-ville12.zip)