[Tutorial] TexYUI (Advanced) – Texture Animation

Author: kay

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Hello, I’ve heard that many people are having problems with getting started with TexYUI and many are considering TexYUI as ‘for beginners’ while beginners consider it for ‘experts’.

Let’s face it TexYUI isn’t a game and anything other than a game is hard to manage…

That’s why and for “TexYUI promotion compaign” I’ve decided (after talking with MarvTheM) to make ‘visual tutorials’ so everybody could start using TexYUI

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Texture Animation (the YUI project) by Kallel A.Y

Hi all
Today, I’m going to represent a new tool , the texYUI (Texture Animation, Yet another User Interface).

It’s built in using a parallel engine to nVolt (I’ll call it YUI for now…). Open Source Re-Volt implementation for .NET languages and built on top of Irrlicht.NET (later Mogre or OpenGL). The new engine will be also used in a program based on Car::Load (named Re-Volt Car studio. See the offtopic post below which is partially planned to be released within a month).

The Texture animation editor will be based on frames (and of course, frames animations) with final preview before exporting (for now it’ll be nVolt… may change that later on the ink and paper plans). The tool is estimated to be released next week (and final version the next one). Fully dedicated to Dave-o-rama and KiWi.

Just to note, about the YUI engine: It’s possible to build it further to become a new makeitgood but I guess it’s futile… perhaps advanced ai editor or mirror editor may be proposed but for now, let’s just keep one project alive… if you’ve got a better idea I can develop it if it’s needed.


The final version before halting:
Finished documentation + 2 tutorials