It’s Time


During the past few months, we’ve been working hard on So far, the site offers a main hub, a brand new wiki and a page for tutorials for Blender. The most recent thing we added is a blog. That also means that we are from now on going to post updates over there. Hopefully more frequently than it was the case here. (It’s become more of a hassle to maintain the WordPress blog, mainly due to the new messy UI that weirdly coexists with the old wp-admin.)

During the time this blog was active, there were many good but equally as many bad things that happened. I’m glad to say that the situation right now has pretty much balanced itself out. The community is doing well and we’re very active right now.
The acquisition of the Re-Volt franchise didn’t impact us too much, luckily. Although the things that are being done with it are pretty disastrous. It still was the worst thing that happened.

As for the future, we’re hoping to get some more activity out of the new website, as well as enable people to create content for the game more easily. The Discord server is also very active, so do stop by if you’re up for a chat.

This should have been the last post here.


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