Re-Volt Has Been Pulled from GOG

Re-Volt Live, Skarma:

Yesterday during a skype call, we got onto the subject of 1.2, the original xbox source code and WeGo as we usually do. Upon Marv learning about the fact that the GOG version is actually the 1.2 patch which was stolen from Huki & Jigebren, he posted this article some time ago which I recommend you should still read.

Whoever had contacted GOG previously about this issue received a reply stating something along the lines of “This is the build that was supplied by the publisher (supposedly WeGo) under the pretense that any copyright issues or conflicts had been ironed out.” This of course is utter bollocks (not on GOG’s side), we already know that WeDon’tGo had absolutely NO input on Re-Volt 1.2 and the original Xbox source code was considered abandonware. Wether the actual -original- Xbox source code falls under their IP is a bit of a gray area, 1.2 however does not as it has been built by the community.

However, me and ZR helped Marv to write a sternly worded message to GOG regarding this and this is their response:

Hello, this is the team.

We have not received the message from you, but we have been notified about the issue. We’ve reached out to the IP right holders for clarification on the whole thing. To the best of our knowledge the build we were provided with was supposed to be cleared with all and any relevant parties. We take the game modding community very seriously at (and we have many examples to support that statement), and we would never knowingly offer for sale a game containing modded or re-written code, without making good by the code’s authors.

As of now, we’re de-listing Re-Volt from our catalog (this will happen around 4PM GMT), and we won’t offer it for sale until this matter is resolved to all of the parties’ satisfaction.

We assure the Re-Volt community we’ve been always acting in our good faith in accordance to the information we were provided.

Thank you for your impressive work with Re-Volt, and please accept our apologies for the stress this situation may have caused.

4PM GMT has passed… Re-volt is now no longer avaliable on GOG… It goes without saying…

We have actually taken a step towards stopping WeDon’tGo fucking up our beloved Re-Volt.


Visit GOG – worth a look!


3 thoughts on “Re-Volt Has Been Pulled from GOG

    1. the good news is no one can blame for you pirating it because they don’t even sell shit on pc anymore 😀

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