VolThor: First Build



The screenshot says it all.


One thought on “VolThor: First Build

  1. Reblogged this on Kallel Ahmed Yahia (theKDL)'s blog and commented:
    So, one day, I was sitting on my humble PC looking at “Caelum”, “CaelumSharp” and “SkyX”, Full Weather System for Ogre 3D and mOgre. so I thought “iia na, louken andna kifo fi Revolt” (That’s nice! If only we’ve got something like that in RE-VOLT) but I was narrow minded so I just removed the thought from my mind.
    And Guess what, in “my anti-pressure days” (the yesterday, the day before and half of today) I visited RVL and well, I first thought it’s going to be impossible but MarvTheM and Toby banished that thought: Yes! It’s possible to make weather through customizing the track files.

    Right now, as I said err… half of today yeah… so anybody with potential of ‘MakeItGood’ and able to do “Lights”,”Skybox”,”Custom Objects”, “Objects”,”Finding Sounds” so in other words just make weather applied at a Re-Volt track, don’t forget to support this wonderful project!

    News can be found on Re-Volt Frontend’s page and total descriptions and work is on Re-Volt Live ‘s Re-Volt Labs section.

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