Tutorial: Track Files

Note: This is a draft (incomplete)

You will find these files in a track folder:

Click on the file extension to get more information about creating/customizing.

– Provides information about the track needed by Re-Volt

– This is the world mesh containing the 3D model itself and UV texture information as well as advanced properties like wether a poly is double sided and glossiness.

– World collision file: contains the collision data (solid or not) and the material properties. Basically, this is the same mesh as the .w file with polies which the car won’t be able to reach cut off.

– This file can be created in Makeitgood-mode. It contains the AI nodes and tells the computer-controlled cars where to drive to.

– Pos Nodes: needed to calculate the length of the track.

– Track Zones: needed to get sure that the cars complete one lap.

– Triggers are e.g. used for signs (the red ones telling you where to go on top of the screen), object throwers and reposition.

– A file containing a mesh with rectangles telling where the mirrors are.

– Portals (“Erm, nothing to see here…” in Makeitgood)

– Visiboxes tell what part of the track must not be displayed when at a certain position. This is used to increase the frame rate.

– Lights file: You can use lights and shadowboxes to make your track even more beautiful.

Farce Fields: often used for Water (e.g. Toytanic pool), decreasing gravity or wind for tumbleweeds in Ghost Town.


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