Re-Volt ported to iOS and Android – Estimated release date: This month

It has been confirmed that Bigbit is cooperating with WeGo Entertainment to release an iOS port of Re-Volt later this month an an Android version in October – after a break of 13 years. After those releases, WeGo is planning to publish Re-Volt for the newer generation of gaming consoles (Xbox or PS3). Furthermore, the multiplayer mode will be expanded by online support (which won’t eliminate the RV House community for sure).

Both Nick Baynes (previously Re-Volt Team) and Roy Park (WeGo) posted some information in Re-Volt Live Forum:

Roy Park:

hello everyone.
Mobile version is just first comming version.
After release mobile, we will start PC online(multi play), and other platforms.
That could be XBOX or PSN.
We Go has various plan for Re-Volt.

Nick Baynes:

Hi everyone – Nick Baynes here.
Yes it’s true, Re-Volt really is coming out in a couple of months on mobile. […] it’s incredible to think we released this game 13 years ago in September – I feel old!

However, it has been reported that those new versions are ports of the Dreamcast version of Re-Volt without any major changes which might disappoint some Re-Volt fans. Though, it it very likely that custom tracks will be supported in future updates.



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