Tutorial: Inf File Definition (Made by ZR)

The .inf file gives certain traits to your track, mostly having to do with car positioning and fog.
I’m going to go with Market1’s .inf for this, since it’s the first one I clicked on.

Obviously the name of the track. I believe there is no limit to how long this can be however if its too long it will run off the screen.STARTPOS

All of these change car positions. STARTPOS changes where the cars start the race (spawn).
STARTROT adjusts the rotation of the cars.
STARTGRID changes the grid formation.
Anything with REV in it has to do with a reverse version of the track, which isn’t required.

Higher the number, the farther away you can see. This is used in correlation with FOGSTART.

Just like FARCLIP, the higher the number, the farther away you can see. This number sets how close fog is set to the players car. A good example of fog is in RickyD’s track named ‘Wicked Winter 2: Arctic Air’.
You can download said track here.
Remember FOGSTART should always always always be a lower number than FARCLIP.

If you add a skybox you better place these numbers high, or else you wont be able to see the skybox.
Changes the color of the fog. If you make it white it looks similar to mist. It is used in a RGB format, and the highest number for each category is 255.

This one is slightly more complex. It is used to give the effect of thicker fog. It is responsible for vertical fog instead of horizontal. You do not need to change it from the default 0.

Ending of vertical fog.

Giving this a higher number makes the track brighter, and vice versa.

Giving this a higher number makes the cars and models brighter, and vice versa.

MIRRORS are for tracks made with reflective floors, which used by the .rim file. It requires a modified floor, which has some transparency. You need mkmirror to convert .por to .rim files.
First create a portal in ‘Erm, nothing to see here’ edit mode.
Then use mkmirror. Mirrors only work on completely flat horizontal surfaces. Best with 0 0 0 fog color. Make sure nothing is under the floor. Right I’ve spent too much time talking about mirrors, moving on.

This is used only with WolfR4, and demo versions (such as DEV). It tells what music to play opposed to redbook.

Decides upon which music to play. For unpatched or 1906 versions only.

I noticed it on Ship2 only. KDL tells me that it changes the contrast/brightness or the shadows on the track. The default is -96.

This is for reflective planes. You simply point it to a bmp file.
Ex, Christmas Snow Globe by Hilaire9 and Jaseaka.

ENVSTILL ‘levels\christmas_globe\christmas_globek.bmp’
Quite simple to understand.
Also used for the ball bearing weapon.ENVROLL
For changing the ENV (reflective properties) on spherical objects in the world.
Point it to a BMP as shown above.

Ship tracks only:

Adjusts how the track rocks, like a boat. There are four numbers: The first is for the frequency of vertical (up and down) movement, the second one is for the length of vertical movement, the third is for length of horizontal movement and the fourth is for horizontal frequency.

This tutorial created by zipperrulez.
Thanks to Hilaire9 for his insight on Mirrors.
Thanks to AGT2 for some minor edits.
Thanks to KDL for Shadowbox and ENV.
Thanks to MarvTheM for information about rock.


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