Track: Fiddlers on the Roof


Hey Re-Volters!

I spend a few days mapping this track, fixing some errors, completing it with some extras (birds!) and improving the raceability.

Thomas (R6) was a great help. Credit for AI nodes, pos nodes, cam nodes, pickups and visiboxes goes to him.
He motivated me a lot. E.g. the skyscrapers in the background would not exist without him.
I’d also like to thank Kay for helping me solving problems and answering any question.
I created this track with Jigebren’s Blender plugin which works just fine. Thanks a lot for this!
I tried to keep the track as clean and original as possible to get close to Re-Volt’s first concept:

QUOTE (Simon Harrison)

“I came up with the original idea along with paul phippen […] the original idea was more realistic, no weapons or speedups, […]racing around the dirty walkways and dodging old mattresses and pools of piss. nice.”

Consider it as you like; the track got very heavy.
You might want to play it in a lower resolution if you haven’t got at least a dual core 2.5 GHZ processor.
We tried our best to keep the FPS high.

You will definitely need Re-Volt 1.2 with custom support (get the update here, download the newest alpha: to play this track.

I hope you like it! Have fun!

-Marv alias MarvTheM (
-17858 polies

-8931 of those are solid

-8 days of work (mapping and makeitgood)

-Original mesh taken from the Re-Volt source code (RV_MESHES/Roof/Roof.3ds)


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