Daily Races!

At the moment it is rather active in and around RV House. We’re mostly racing Slugs at the moment, occasionally some custom tracks and some battle tags as well.

It’s quite amazing right now, soon we’ll have to open another room since we’re already hitting the 12 player limit.

More info here: http://today.re-volt.me/

DRM Sucks.

Trackmania was one of the first games I played back in the day. It’s still a nice game today. The gameplay feels solid and the graphics didn’t age badly, either. There is one problem, though. The StarForce copy protection they used makes the game unplayable on anything past Windows XP. Theoretically, it would even run on Windows 7. However, nobody has ever gotten around to crack it properly, at least not the latest version of Trackmania Original.

An OEM disc of Trackmania that came with mom’s computer.

The game could have lived on as a classic on LAN parties, as it is so timeless and highly enjoyable even to this day. Even the newer installments of the game are not too different. Nadeo figured out a good formula.
If it weren’t for the obnoxious DRM they used, the game could still live on. I said that it is not too different from the more recent games, which is true to some extent. Why not play the newer ones? The point here is that the game is a piece of gaming history that is now more or less lost. Nostalgia, also.

Now, today marks the release of Trackmania Turbo. The game builds on the old formula, introducing some interesting anti-gravity mechanics, also introducing the aesthetic and feel of a cheesy 90s arcade game. For me, this looks like the most interesting version of the game so far. There is one thing, however, that restrains me from buying it: Trackmania Turbo is the first Trackmania game that has UPlay, Ubisoft’s desperate attempt to compete with Steam and minimize piracy (Or is that the purpose?).
Now when you buy the game on Steam, you’ll have to download  Uplay in order to download Trackmania Turbo.

Why. would. they. even. distribute. it. on. Steam.?

With the initial thought I have no idea why on earth they would be doing that, it was no wonder after all. Ubisoft, just like EA or any other big AAA publisher are desperately trying to make poor marketing decisions and piss people off. Of course it is getting ever so harder to distribute games on today’s market, but the measures they are taking do not help either. Trackmania United and 2 worked well enough. There was no DRM launcher. All you needed to do is start the game and log in. Fair enough.
But now?

I fear that one day Ubisoft will shut down their UPlay service, leaving it as a dead form of DRM. They will care just as much as they did with the older Trackmania games. I doubt they’ll do anything to keep the games playable. For this reason I won’t buy Trackmania Turbo. I’m hoping for a decent crack. Maybe I can then play it with my friends via local network (is there even a LAN mode?).

That’s why I stick to old games like Re-Volt.

Why don’t you just do it like CD Projekt Red on GOG. Why?

RVGL on the Pandora

The combined effort of ptitSeb and Huki has brought us a port of our beloved game to the Open Pandora handheld. It is based on a recent version of RVGL and it works just like any other version of the game.

There have been four builds so far. Bugs have been fixed and the game is reported to play quite well.
You’ll be able to take all your custom tracks and cars with you, mod the game and perhaps even play online soon. There also are intentions to port the game to the upcoming Pyra handheld, the successor of the Pandora.
This makes the Pandora the smallest handheld that is home to a proper version of Re-Volt.

Re-Volt is also available on iOS and Android. Those versions were also planned to have support for custom tracks and cars but that idea has obviously been scrapped (making those versions very pointless). Take that, WeGo. We don’t need you. The essence of Re-Volt is community and user content. The port for the Pandora shows just that. Huge thanks to ptitSeb and Huki for their effort! Now I really want to get a Pandora…

Forum thread on pyra-handheld.com: https://pyra-handheld.com/boards/threads/rvgl-re-volt-remake.77027/

Article on PandoraLive: http://pandoralive.info/?p=5485

Pandora Repo: https://repo.openpandora.org/?page=detail&app=rvgl_ptitseb

[News] Copy is no more

Copy will be closing their doors. The service will remain active until May 1st 2016.

If there are any dead links, post them here in a comment and we’ll see if it can be re-uploaded.

This also means that the Downloads page here on RVF will be gone at some point. Most of the downloads will be transferred to re-volt.me. However, we won’t be able to upload everything there due to bandwidth limitations.

[Link] That was the year 2015 – A Gallery Retrospective (by Mozchops)

Go check out Paul’s portfolio: That was the year 2015 – A Gallery Retrospective!


I can’t even find words to describe this.
The new space themed artworks came as a surprise as his recent works more or less focused on fantasy or themes of a more organic nature. The amount of detail in each of the pieces is amazing. There lighting is spot on, everything is sharp and defined, really authentic!

[Article] The War on Re-Volt

I just received a brilliant pingback from

My favorite passages:

At this point, the Re-Volt community should have launched a petition demanding WeGo to give their IP’s to the community. I personally would like to the Re-Volt community do that. 


Damn, WeGo’s got some crazy motherfuckers on the staff.

Thanks to FMecha and James. It’s well worth reading it.

I didn’t even think about making a petition. Demanding that they transfer the IP to us might not work at all. There are way too many stupid people who enjoy (how?) the turd that WeGo produced. They are probably making money with it. The only reason to give the IP to us would be the bad publicity that we produce (we already kicked them off GOG for their audacity).
Now, this story has been published on Kotaku (yes, there is an article!) and the aforementioned blog. I also talked to some of the original dev team and they’re all outraged.
As of now, they don’t even seem to care about ‘Re-volt 2’ anymore. Their Facebook page has been quiet for quite a while now and support from their side doesn’t look good (at least they hired someone who speaks English but that doesn’t help).

See, any publisher or dev studio that cares about the franchise would be all over supporting the game, improving upon it and, most importantly, support the community. WeGo does not give a dime about what the game means and how it actually was designed. They transformed the whole thing to appear to the dumb mainstream mobile market, leaving nothing of the original shine of the name Re-Volt. This game has a character, a story, a community, all of which they completely ignore and disrespect (remember when they told us to remove the Re-Volt Live logo? Remember when they just use(d) assets from the community without even asking?) .

WeGo, if you’re reading this: You fucked up. We probably won’t ever take you seriously again and most of us probably don’t want to collaborate anymore. That is your fault for the many reasons mentioned above. If you want to fix things, take Re-Volt 2 down and develop a proper sequel to the game (or at least order someone with taste and understanding for game design to do it, since you’re not even capable of making a patch for the version you had on GOG.) As a bonus, here is a list of all the things you have done wrong.
First I was excited to see the game on GOG, seriously. It just sucks that you audaciously stole the patch. Thus, start respecting the community, fund the development of 1.2 and RVGL, let us do whatever we want with the game. Wouldn’t it be a solution to fund huki and jigebren? The game could then be sold while the patch would still be free to download for people who already own the game. You just need to cooperate. Otherwise the community will hate you forever.

This game means a lot to us. Should we revolt against WeGo before worse things happen? Should we not do anything and just hope for the best? Should we beg Throwback Entertainment to buy the IP back (Throwback seems to be doing well at the moment, so…)?


[News] Local Tournament Upcoming

As you may have noticed, there is a new page called Tournaments. On that page you will find information about the next tournaments (in the city that I live in) as well as some general ideas and rules for Re-Volt LAN parties.
I hope you’ll be able to try them out one day (we used to have a lot of fun back then!). If you have more ideas for LAN parties, be sure to leave a comment on the Tournaments page.

[News] That new header…

I’m sorry for posting so much irrelevant stuff lately. There just aren’t so many interesting things happening.

So, I finally went with the new header image that I designed some months ago. The old one was way too bland and basic. I think it’s been around since 2012? Not sure if this is permanent, though. There is a topic up on RVL that you can check out and I encourage you to post there. I am still looking for the perfect header image.

However, the new one is inspired by the Acclaim logo. It also features an actual element of the game, namely the “RV icon that WeGo so politely borrowed” [Quote, hope that’s okay]. All in all, I like the concept. The font is debatable at best. But again, please leave your feedback either here or on RVL: http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/index.php?showtopic=4085

Not that a header is that important… It’s just that I’d like to do some more things with the website. We’re heading towards 2016 and thus far we haven’t had more visitors than last year. There is an insane amount of content that is sleeping on my HDDs that needs to be cleaned up and posted here. Those things are mostly related to the tutorials, Re-Volt’s history and more fancy things from the past. I would also like to take over many parts of the Re-Volt wiki to RVF, the main reason being the eternal chaos that is the wiki. However, some parts did turn out to be pretty useful.
Keep on Re-Volting.


Things WeGo Stole

Here’s a list of all their fuckups: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jIk1L4WcYcM8AFjqgK6YD2A9Wcwd9HBTIlceh4Uajk4/edit?usp=sharing

I found that one post that disappeared! Once again went through the things I saved to my HDD… They might have the rights to do some of these things, but still… Not so nice. I once published this post as ‘Things WeGo stole”. Not sure why it disappeared. Here goes.

The RVF Re-Volt bolt

Toby's Volt Logo

It even made its way int to Ripoff-Volt 2
It even made its way int to Ripoff-Volt 2 (why the hell is it mirrored?)
They are also using it as the favicon on their website (note that it still has a white background).

My picture: They uploaded this on my birthday after they told me to shut down the Mac port that I maintained at that point. Thanks.

My picture: They uploaded this on my birthday after they shut down the Mac port that I maintained.

The ‘RC Stories’ AMW model. Wego refused to take it down when the developer contacted them.

Pirog's AMW model. Wego refused to take it down when he contacted them.

Here’s the original: http://www.moddb.com/mods/re-volt-rc-stories/images/amw-final-texture#imagebox

Monster Energy Logo and Cliffside1014212_10200694978393361_2042175950_n

Look at the sides of the black car. There also seems to be the OSX logo on the hood of the car. Recognize the track? That’s R6’s Cliffside:
R6 stated in his readme file that any use of the track has to be credited. No credit was given.

This obviously is the map cs_italy from Counter Strike.


This as well as the screenshot above were concept renderings for a potential remake by WeGo that never saw the light of day.

They used the Re-volt 1.2 beta patch on a release on GOG. Well, GOG was cooperative.

They used the Re-volt 1.2 beta patch on a release on GOG. Well, GOG was cooperative.

You know how this one ended. Why did they not use the alpha? Nobody knows.

Here’s a bonus:


Link to this video
How can you buy the IP of a game and not know how to install custom tracks?

[News] New Download

I added a new link to the Downloads section. Don’t even ask me why I’m using OSX again… I might add RVHouse support soon, I got some nice new ideas… As of now it has a shiny new redbook soundtrack and the latest 1.2 patch. Pretty much vanilla. It weighs about 200 MBs, I hope to cut it down in the future.

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately. I’m studying computer science, no time for anything else. Help me.

Thanks for reading this blog, if you’re still around.