[Track] Industry

Track: Industry



Author: Marv
AI, Visiboxes and more: R6
Tools: Blender (with Jig’s plugin), Photoshop, Gimp, Audacity, prm2hul by Jigebren
Music: Parabiosys by Nybraz
Additional: Plants and crates by Nobiax, Some textures from CG Textures

You need a recent Re-Volt 1.2 ALPHA from http://rv12.revoltzone.net to play this track.

There were many tracks that I started but never finished. Let them rest in piece.
Here is finally one that I planned and made real.
Regarding custom tracks for Re-Volt, I learned most from Kay and R6. Thanks a ton for helping me!

I had many more plans but I decided to release the track as it is right now. I can’t keep it any longer.
Some bugs here and there,
but I think you will have some nice races on it.

RVL Thread

initial release
2015-03-26, 27, 30
fixed mesh, relocated textures, removed some unnecessary files, fixed ncp and w

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Re-Volt DEV version


Just like its own name, Re-Volt DEV was known to be a developer’s must-have Re-Volt version that even the old Full Custom Phoenix R3 and the new WolfR4 raced to implement most of its features.

Even with the progress done in rv1.2 and WolfR4, DEV still retains much mysteries and features like reporting AI problems or estimating future wrong things (warnings).

Among known features: open makeitgood/dev modes (cameras as well), the ghost car, ability to see all the tracks, statistics and intro sequence track. It also features Acclaim employees’ ghost cars.


The introduction of DEV version was by kay (kfalcon) on 2008 into RRR, where he uploaded this version, later the music of it. However due to sites falling down, the music has been lost.
Kay also mentioned that he got it from his dad’s friend as a gift.

Today, Re-Volt Frontend team including Marv, kay, VaidX and Thomas, finished repacking the whole game after getting music files from kay’s jungle files.


Get it from here

DEV showing ghost

Patching up Re-Volt

Re-Volt has been around for many years. It’s been 15 years now and we won’t stop loving and caring for the game.
Our dedication to the game ended up in fixing everything and making the game look better, no matter how marginal the improvements are.
The base of it all is the Re-Volt 1.2 alpha patch. It adds support for huge textures and expands our modding abilities by a huge step.

The following is a list of the best upcoming community patches and mods that make the game look and feel better, all of them are WIP:

  • Milkfix
    You might not notice the changes the first time you play. If you don’t know Re-Volt, you never will. Some serious stuff has been fixed, though. Definitely get it and track its progress.
  • Re-Volt 2 Track Textures Project
    As much as I hate what WeGo has done to the game, some guys decided to port the cleaner textures from Re-Volt 2 to the PC. I personally do not prefer the clean looks, since Re-Volt is dirty on design. Check it out if you like.
  • High Resolution Textures
    This is my go on better textures for Re-Volt. My aim was to recreate the textures of the game. I tried to make them as little different as possible. If you like to have a better and cleaner HUD only, you might also only apply that (gfx folder). Mods are fully modular.

To make your experience even better, I suggest to download these:


That should help you spice your game up a bit.

[Behind the Scenes #1] Tracks: Rooftops

Re-Volt has gone through some design changes. Many tracks and concepts suffered from that. Over the past few years, a lot of those tracks have been recovered from old hard drives, the source code and previously unreleased Re-Volt versions.

Most tracks are commonly known, some released to the public and some lost forever.

Let’s start with Rooftops since it kinda fits into the scheme here. This track is known to all community members and has been available for many years now. Its initial appearance dates back to the Dreamcast release, which exclusively featured this track as it’s been undergone some design changes and polishing. Although this track has been one of the first concepts for the game, it was not present in the initial PC release in July 1999.

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The screenshots and concepts (masterpieces by Paul Phippen) we see here are from ’97-’98 and show a different version to the Rooftops we know today. It’s set during daylight and looks a lot dirtier than most of Re-Volt’s tracks. You can surely say that the first idea of the game was immensely different, although Acclaim wanted a game that competes with Mario Kart (which implies a colorful and clean game). That explains why Re-Volt today is such a clean and polished game that really stands out among the games of its time.

I came up with the original idea along with paul phippen, who now lives in cambodia! the final game wasn’t quite as i imagined it, the original idea was more realistic, no weapons or speedups. the original level was set in a tower block in london, racing around the dirty walkways and dodging old mattresses and pools of piss. nice.

– Simon Harrison

So what happened to that old Rooftops level (back then called Fiddlers on the Roof, probably a reference to an old movie)? When Re-Volt was set to be released on the Dreamcast, the team got some help and managed to port that track, which suffered from severe lag and fogging, to the platform. The key seemed to be rearranging the track and set it during night so that there is an excuse for the low view distance. I guess we can say they did an outstanding job.
Fiddlers on the Roof? The name and concept suit Re-Volt perfectly in my opinion. Did you know that Re-Volt’s source code has been leaked back in 2006 (my speculation: by a Microsoft employee)? It wasn’t only the source code. It also featured lots of concept art and unfinished pieces. Among them: a folder called ROOF. I think it was back in 2012 that I started mapping the mesh that was included in that folder. 3DS Max was the program I used and it seemed so foreign to me that I eventually gave up. Until I found Blender. Blender was much more intuitive for me and thanks to Jigebren, it also had a Re-Volt plugin that made importing and exporting Re-Volt files MUCH easier than the hacky ways of 3DS Max.

Last year or so I remembered about those files and started mapping and polishing the track which is now available on Re-Volt Zone and this website. I gave my best to mimic the two screenshots I had of the track and bringing it to Re-Volt’s highest graphical qualities possible. I failed both. But you’ll get an idea how the track might have looked like.

Wanna try it? Download here.


Stay tuned for the next Behind the Scenes.


No news.

It’s sad to see this place that empty. There have been better times, no question. One good thing is that Re-Volt did not reappear on GOG. Many people are for some reason still waiting for a purchasable version on GOG that is not stolen. I don’t really understand all the complaints since it does not prevent you from playing the game, does it? Stop complaining and join the people on RvHouse for some races.

I hope that I’ll be able to grasp some time to finally finish the track projects I’ve been working on. Want to help? Anyone?

Well, I have nothing more to say. Have yourself a nice milkfix:


Re-Volt CGW Demo

I was digging through archive.org and accidentally found a demo disk that features a demo of Re-Volt. Though the CD is from August 1999, the Re-Volt demo seems to be from January 1998.

I couldn’t resist trying it out. Turns out that it was a rather rare one: The CGW demo, one of the earliest builds we have come across. It differs from the one we have found before. It shares similarities with some other old demos, however, this one has some extras:

  • CGW car
  • Jumping menu animations
  • Different Frontend Textures (1)
  • Target cam (2)

Get the demo here. (Extract the iso with 7zip or winrar)


Re-Volt Has Been Pulled from GOG

Re-Volt Live, Skarma:

Yesterday during a skype call, we got onto the subject of 1.2, the original xbox source code and WeGo as we usually do. Upon Marv learning about the fact that the GOG version is actually the 1.2 patch which was stolen from Huki & Jigebren, he posted this article some time ago which I recommend you should still read.

Whoever had contacted GOG previously about this issue received a reply stating something along the lines of “This is the build that was supplied by the publisher (supposedly WeGo) under the pretense that any copyright issues or conflicts had been ironed out.” This of course is utter bollocks (not on GOG’s side), we already know that WeDon’tGo had absolutely NO input on Re-Volt 1.2 and the original Xbox source code was considered abandonware. Wether the actual -original- Xbox source code falls under their IP is a bit of a gray area, 1.2 however does not as it has been built by the community.

However, me and ZR helped Marv to write a sternly worded message to GOG regarding this and this is their response:

Hello, this is the GOG.com team.

We have not received the message from you, but we have been notified about the issue. We’ve reached out to the IP right holders for clarification on the whole thing. To the best of our knowledge the build we were provided with was supposed to be cleared with all and any relevant parties. We take the game modding community very seriously at GOG.com (and we have many examples to support that statement), and we would never knowingly offer for sale a game containing modded or re-written code, without making good by the code’s authors.

As of now, we’re de-listing Re-Volt from our catalog (this will happen around 4PM GMT), and we won’t offer it for sale until this matter is resolved to all of the parties’ satisfaction.

We assure the Re-Volt community we’ve been always acting in our good faith in accordance to the information we were provided.

Thank you for your impressive work with Re-Volt, and please accept our apologies for the stress this situation may have caused.

4PM GMT has passed… Re-volt is now no longer avaliable on GOG… It goes without saying…

We have actually taken a step towards stopping WeDon’tGo fucking up our beloved Re-Volt.


Visit GOG – worth a look!


Do not buy Re-Volt on GOG

Re-Volt has been on GOG for a while.
As you know, WeGoInteractive owns the IP rights for Re-Volt.

However, the build offered on GOG (Re-Volt 1.2 from rv12.revoltzone.net) was done by Huki and Jigebren. It has been completely re-engineered, thus the code is entirely made by the community and not Probe, therefore they do not own the rights to use it.
They did not give permission to WeGoI to use the patch in any commercial way. They stole it without crediting them in any way which might be the reason for them not having released an update in a while. Even if there was a legal way for them doing this, it really is an audacious move.

There has been a severe lack of communication between WeGoI and the community due to a lack of comprehension, they don’t answer to any questions and the like. We’ve now contacted GOG and are awaiting their response.

Stay tuned and do not buy Re-Volt on GOG. Don’t support those (WeGo) thieves.