[META] Downloads are down!

Downloads seem to be back online.

Someone liked something that I hosted a bit too much and downloaded it a couple of times. My copy bandwidth seems to be exceeded for this month (September).

I have no proper place to host things. I do have a local server but that is running at 300% over its capacities.

Please bear with me until I find a better place.

[News] The Tutorials are Coming

Hello fellow Re-Volters!

For some time now I’ve been planning to make a series of tutorials for track creation. I really want to make them as helpful as they can be, so I prepared some questions.


If you’re interested in track/car making (even if you’ve already released something), please fill out this short form. The results will be public and can be, but you also don’t have to provide any personal information.


[PODCAST] The first Episode sees the Light of Day

The Re-Volt Podcast

Some of you might have heard about our plans to make a podcast for the community (other shall be surprised now). Now, after several failures in terms of editing, it is finally there.

Today marks the day of the release of the first Re-Volt podcast.

This time we talk about WeGo, the company that acquired the rights to our beloved game and explain why our relationship to them suffers.

We recently experience a big amount of WIPs and new releases in terms of custom content. We also discuss the rather bright future that brings RVGL, the next step after the 1.2 patch.

This is for you guys.

Topics (and links we talked about) are:



[NEWS] The Future of the Community and RVF

For some time now I’ve been wanting to make some tutorials about track and car making. It’s been rather hard to get into the matter, I have to admit. Having learned how to create content for the game from community members, rather than tutorials, I know that something has to change.

It all started with Ali who programmed tools that made it possible to export content to the Re-Volt format. Users had to use a 3D modeling software that exports to ASE, which is a simple format for 3D objects, to then convert it to Re-Volt’s .w, .prm or .ncp. The situation has changed over the years. More and more tools have been released to make everything easier. The breakthrough, however, is Jigebren’s Blender plugin. This plugin allows you to create nearly everything of a track or a car in Blender itself. Mirrors, surface types, shadows have never been that simple.

The problem is that Blender has a very steep learning curve. Coming from 3DS Max, there weren’t many problems for me. I learned by trial and error and developed my own workflow. Whether or not it’s perfect, it works for Re-Volt. My goal is to make video tutorials to get makers closer to Blender and its workflow combined with Re-Volt. Looking at the most recent tracks (sidebar to the right), there are only a few promising ones. Now imagine that every track would be good in playability, flow and visuals. A look at Steam Workshops also shows that other games have much more available tools in order to create content.

Now, the Blender plugin is currently for closed testing only. You will have to send Jig a PM. If that doesn’t work out, I’m sure there are other ways to obtain it, although it wouldn’t be as nice. That is the main thing that’s holding me off right now. There are just no public tools.

Why am I thinking about this right now? I think that we have hit a critical point, especially with WeGo further contributing to the decay of the community. Yes, there are more people joining the forums, more people talking about the game – but those are the ones who fall for WeGo’s pay-trap. Those don’t add anything to the community. That might sound harsh indeed. In their defense, they probably don’t know any better because Re-Volt 2 is probably the first part of the game they’ve seen. I don’t want to imply that those people joining are bad guys. What I want to say is that we have to defend the game, or rather the impression people get from it. Re-Volt is no crappy F2P title that you have to empty your wallet for. It is a community-driven game with custom content and respectful competition.

One part on the way to achieve the just said is the series of tutorials that I announced. There are many other ways apart from that. First of all we need a place that represents the game at a glance (that’s what I set Re-Volt Frontend up for). The website is, however, lackluster for the most part. I would not consider it accessible. Thus, I have been working on the site as well as on the Youtube channel. Regarding the Youtube channel, I think that some kind of news digest would be nice. Giving the channel a face or at least a voice is a necessity, I think. If anyone would like to join me on that part, I’m glad to work with someone. There are many more topics to cover as well. Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll manage to set something up. Help is always appreciated.

Hope everything is going well!

[News] A rogue converter

Posted by Skarma on Revolt Live –  Sunday, Jun 7 2015, 05:55 http://z3.invisionfree.com/Revolt_Live/index.php?showtopic=3827

I had originally posted this in the Post thread but I thought it’d be better to create a new topic about it.There appears to be a certain someone lurking around us whose converting Re-Volt cars to Midtown Madness 2 without giving any credit whatsoever to the original converter. ie, they credit the game where the car originally came from but not the author who originally converted it to RV.

Just to show what I mean, here’s a number of examples:

Dyspro’s Magnum 2049

Venom’s 8-ball Beetle

Nero’s BP Kraft Trueno

My Toyota RSC – Claims to be from NFS4… when it isn’t.

TMAM’s Aston Martin DB4

Some of Kirby’s Hot Wheels cars

MOH’s Sgt. Stomp

My Toyota Chaser – Honestly, why you don’t convert the original conversion is beyond me.

If you’re going to continue making these conversions, please at least give credit to the original authors who converted them. Not doing so is not cool.

[News] RVGL – First Alpha Release!

RVGL is Re-Volt redone with open source tools! It works on Windows and Linux natively. It’s pretty exciting. I don’t have much to say right now. If you wanna take Re-Volt to the next level, go here and give it a go. Install it like an update and replace older files.

So that is the end of Re-Volt 1.2 and the beginning RVGL. No more legal complications or anything. Re-Volt feels a lot better, sounds better, looks better and even smells better. My time is limited, check back to see updates here on RVF. i’ll keep you up to date!
If you’re amember of RVL, be sure to post some feedback! Huki has done quite some work there!

RVGL Project Page

Have fun!


[News] Formula Fusion (spiritual successor to Wipeout) Kickstarter campaign has launched!

I think it’s time to stir it up a bit. There’s not much to report about things in the world of Re-Volt anyway, so here we go.
Most of you might already know what Wipeout is. I’m not speaking of the TV show that audaciously rips off the name. It is Wipeout, the 90’s anti-gravity racing game.
The series had several releases, the latest installment being on the PS Vita.
If you want to check the game out, be sure to take a look at the third title. Here’s a video.

Many people enjoy playing racing games almost exclusively and I don’t consider myself to be one of those. Why? I think racing games are a bit too generic. There’s just no variation that keeps it interesting for me. Why do I maintain a blog about a racing game then? In case of Re-Volt, the obsession is purely nostalgic. In the case of Wipeout, it’s the challenge the game provides for me. Of course, all racing games do have a challenge but its essence lies in maneuvering a craft at insane speeds, not only by traditional steering, but also the use of air brakes and other techniques. I tell you, it adds a whole layer of depth do it. Add some carefully balanced weapons and there you have Wipeout. I think you can compare Re-Volt to Wipeout somehow, given the fact that cars in Re-Volt handle rather special. There is no tradition that is being maintained. It’s something fresh and new which makes it even compelling for people like me.


So why do I post this here? Well, you surely know that every game has its special story to it. Games (no, not AAA titles that are nothing other than mass-produced) are very personal products that contain a little piece of every developer, designer and every other participant.
Re-Volt was a vision of a game that had very special elements that deviated from the norm. The very particular art style and game mechanics they had in mind were not aimed for the broad mass, but more focused on a game that fulfills its concept to a high extent. Exactly this leads to quality. I think that this is very important for today’s gaming business, both for producers and consumers.
Publishers like EA and Ubisoft ruin themselves as much as they ruin their customers. A new game has to be pushed at least yearly to be able to compete with other publishers. You know what this leads to (little hint at Watchdogs and Assasin’s Creed Unity). This is why we need to stop supporting the big publishers and focus on the independent ones who still produce games that count as pieces of art.

So there is Formula Fusion. There can’t be a better example of a proper game product. They have a very distinct plan of how the game will be. Hell, they even teamed up with The Designer’s Republic again (also assisted designing the early Wipeout games). They already have some pre-production in-engine footage. I cannot differentiate between concept art and the actual thing. The way they stick to their concept is amazing. Be sure to check their stuff out, I put links at the bottom.

Thank you for reading if you’re still around. I’m sure you (the Re-Volt community) would enjoy a game like Formula Fusion. If you got a buck or two, why not pledge? If you end up liking the game and ultimately purchasing it, you won’t have spent more than you would have on a retail AAA game since Formula Fusion won’t cost more than $30. Before considering to buy a big AAA title, think twice. Do you really want to support monsters like EA and Ubisoft. I’d rather ignore their stuff (it’s mostly really not worth it) and instead support independent projects like Formula Fusion.

Links to Formula Fusion:





[Re-Volt 1.2] rv1.2a15.0330 released!

This update, as well as the prior one, is really worth installing.

The most anticipated feature probably is the search function which lets you browse through your car and track collection better. There’s also a new camera preset that can be used.

Here are the highlights of the changelog

 Alpha 15.0330

Fix [General]
    - Fixed bug with oilslick not working in high fps (vsync off) 
      introduced in the last release.

 Alpha 15.0325

Add [General]
    - Content Search support: find / filter tracks and cars in the 
      selection screens using the keyboard. Added new shortcuts: Home, 
      End, PgUp, PgDn. See the forum topic for detailed info:
      [ http://z3.invisionfree.com/Our_ReVolt_Pub/index.php?showtopic=2022 ]
    - Added "camber angle" support. A new parameter "Camber" for each 
      wheel in the car parameters.txt file can be used to set the 
      rotation angle (degree) along the Z axis. The camber sign is 
      automatically adjusted for left / right wheels.